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Manage work and your home empire. All of the tools you securely in one place

Secure Virtual Space Technology

Powerful. Patented. Personalized.

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What if you could get more productivity now than ever before, lower your costs and have one secure place for everyone to access the tools to accelerate your business?

Do You Have a Virtual Digital Strategy?

The world has changed and businesses are trying to cope without the right unified communication tools to compete.

  • Secure & Protect data, employees & clients
  • One place for everyone
  • A solution to skyrocket productivity & track everything

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The Needs of Your Business Have Changed

How Do You Move Your Business to a New Secure Digital Culture?

  • Virtual Security
  • Data Security
  • Customer & Privacy Protection
  • Track & Automation
  • eMail Link Sharing
  • Authenticating & KYC
  • Access to documents, forms & contracts

Prior to Covid, Businesses Needed a New Solution

The Rise and Fall of SaaS Silo’s

30 Year-Old Technology Isn’t working for today’s needs…

  • Costly software silos strap businesses
  • Data breaches are up 100x
  • Linkshare syndrome exposes secrets
  • Siloed data can’t flow to other software

Antiquated workflows slowed the pace of business

With Everyone Virtual, Are They Unified?

Is your company as productive virtually as they were in the office? How do you track, view and connect in isolation?

Before Covid

Working from Offices & On the Go

Times Have Changed

Welcome to the World of 100% Digital Work

How Do You Manage & Achieve Higher Productivity Digitally?

What if there was a platform that moved your company forward in ways you’d never dreamed of?

  • Full Business View of Everything
  • Next-door Communications
  • Engagement and Staff Collaboration
  • Automated On-boarding and Training
  • Manage & Meet Expectations
  • Unify in Isolation
  • Time Manage
  • Track and Automate
  • Sharing of ideas & documents
  • Set and Meet Deadlines

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WorkCERTin is your Digital Command Center to Take Your Business To New Heights

Integrate everyone virtually from anywhere in a safe contained suite of solutions to go digital

Secure Virtual Space Technology

Powerful. Patented. Personalized.

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‘’Imagine the Power of Cloud-Re-Invented’’

Where each business controls its own cloud and costs in a container

  • Collaboration
  • Identity
  • Document Signing
  • File Management
  • Storage
  • Shopping Carts
  • Payments
  • Banking
  • Tracking
  • Security

Digital Security: How it Works

IDCERTin - Each person completes the 3-Step Authentication Process

IAMCERTin – Integrated Access Management. Background

Everyone Receives a 64- Digit Alpha Numeric Digital Key

Open Digital Wallet to access specific secure containers

It takes minutes get someone started

All activities are tracked by the specific private key
The entire platform is powered by the BlockCerts Blockchain Immutable Ledger

IDCERTin Will Become The Vital Heartbeat Of Your Business

Your secure virtual space is a new ecosystem where collaboration, commerce and productivity will skyrocket. Track every transaction and action and see what’s happening real-time, 24x7, to manage your business like never before.

It’s Brilliant, Logical and Simple to Use

It will unify your company and put your Digital Business into Hyperspace

Invite to an activity, collaborate, share documents, IM, hold a video call, track progress, view all versions and see your business in motion.

One place for everything!

Activities – Create 2 Week Sprints based on projects to spark productivity

Invites – Assign contacts to activities, business units & work teams

Collaborate – Instant Message, share documents, see each version

See Everything – See your business in real-time to manage everything

Video –Open Video in an activity, all in your secure container

BCERTin Vault – Access everything: passwords, documents, legal, it’s all protected via your private key

Authority Levels – Multiple levels to access information access defined

Version Control – See every version of every document for reference

On-Boarding – Set-up a channel for on-boarding and training new staff

Track – Everything is tracked, date stamped for compliance & records

Vendors – Invite vendors to collaborate, upload invoices & more

Private Links – Share documents with private links to reduce exposure

Set Alerts – Push notifications & email alerts

Company Cooler – Make Company-wide announcements, bring unity when apart

Spreadsheet Tracking – In activities keep track of progress 24x7

Scheduler – Add to Schedule. Activity Log – See who’s doing what, when.

Save 50% or More Plus Increase Productivity

What’s the secret? SaaS siloed software seems inexpensive at first until you add them up by employee (seat fees)…the average business is paying $780 to $1,100 per employee.

The Paradigm shift – BCERT Token Technology allows access to a suite of secure tools in one space. No monthly seat fees, no contracts, access the software you need when you need it and save $50 or more. Move past expenses to ASSETS!

Businesses Handcuffed in Escalating Costs

Monthly Seat Fees per Employee

Term Contracts

Use it or lose it (25% utilized)

Outdated Technology – Difficult to Change

Centralized Data –Breaches up 100x

Linkshare Syndrome impacts 90% of businesses

Work-from-Home creates greater issue


Hard to move data

SaaS holds all control

Need multiple Siloed software to run business

Connect. Collaborate. Accelerate.

WorkCERTin Is Empowering The New Generation Of Tech Giants: The Users.

We’ve transformed business models to slash costs, move expenses to assets and put control into the hands of the user community. With Secure Virtual Space Technology©, businesses are protected and have a real-time view of everything in their business.

  • Accessed by Individual Private Keys
  • Team collaboration with a full suite of applications never-before available
  • Stop Paying for use-it-or-lose-it software fees!

Power to the People means more value than you're getting on current cloud - that starts with your costs

Tools are only used about 25% of the time in reality

Stop paying for use-it-or-lose-it pricing - Only pay for what you use!

If you want to add new functions do that - if you want to transfer this value to another company or use case, do that - its' your Cloud instead of pure costs - like driving a car you own, you have something to trade up, sell, trade in and upgrade - a better pricing model for Cloud - that's what we mean when we say Cloud Power to the People.

Every company needs more control - better pricing - more flexablity and better tools that extend beyond old school tools that have been dusted off over the years - that are actually decades old ....

Get one of our WorkCERTin Digital Business packages for as little as $99, or $9.99 a month!

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Payment Mode Individual & Home Business Starter Business
Monthly $9 $49 $89
One-Time $99 $499 $999
Number of Users Up to 4 Up to 10+ Vendors 10 Core +

For less than your cobbled together software you will:

Have unprecedented power

Exceptional control of overhead costs

Never before possible upside and profits directly from your technology

Unprecedented times, require unprecedented tools, technology and support

Find out how to compete – deliver digital now!

As we grow, you grow. Because with WorkCERTin, the community owns the network, owns the platform, owns the
future of Work and Business!

Get your private key and start creating!

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