BlockCerts forms LenderKey, a Promising New Portfolio Company, with the Vine Group in Canada

The marriage of one of the top producing mortgage companies in Canada with the blockchain process star, BlockCerts Blockchain, has exciting new promise for the lending industry.

BlockCerts developed a Seed to Sale platform for tracking everything, which can be applied to numerous industries. With digital KYC and the authenticated handshake, each person is authenticated from the beginning. By creating a future “command center” to manage documents, conversations, approvals and all steps in the process, the promise of saved time and a higher ratio of process files is exciting.

The LenderKey group is comprised of the co-partner team from the Vine Group of President David Concalves and partners Chris Darwchie and Hugo Dos Reis; Robert Gerrard, COO of BlockCerts Blockhain will lead the relationship from BlockCerts.

“This is an exciting new day,” said Tim Vasko, CEO of BlockCerts. “We are leading a new revolution in the lending industry to bring lending into the digital future to lower risks, save time and increase profitability.”


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