Pre-Sale of Programmable Tokens Announced

Credence Code Focused on Putting Business on the Blockchain

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware - Credence Code Technologies (“Credence”), announced today a pre-sale of BlockCerts Smart Contract blockchain tokens (BCERTS) to accredited investors. Credence is the exclusive North American distributor of BCERTS and is conducting a very limited offering of future tokens to interested investors who have registered at

“The BlockCerts team has developed the first programmable token blockchain platform that makes smart contracts easy, fully accessible and integrated across industries. Blockchain is the critical and logical evolution that is ready to move from code to implementation. We wanted to create a blockchain platform configured to displace the most inefficient industries driven by fee mark-ups,” stated Tim Vasko, Founder and Chairman of Credence.

“Through our platform, commodities, asset transfers and speed of authenticated settlement will codify every step of a transaction eliminating most of today’s current transaction costs and legal complications driven by inefficient paper and PDF, email and disparate filing systems. Silos don’t work in a connected economy,” he continued. In a 2015 MarketWatch article featuring Mr. Vasko, it was said that “Technology will do to banking what Uber has done to taxis.” The BlockCerts platform extends this statement to industries such as health, real estate and virtually any asset transfer transaction.

In 2017 the stage for Cryptocurrencies was set with BitCoin breaking through an unprecedented ceiling of US $20,000 token barrier. Beyond the hype, the underlying technology of blockchain that started its drive with BitCoin, enables an entire new asset ecosystem to eliminate substantial cost.

BlockCerts enables transaction streaming smart contracts – with real asset value to attached to every BCERTS Token. Cryptocurrencies have been driven by speculation. BlockCerts smart contracts provide actual asset based value through smart contracts on the blockchain. User access to the blockchain and rapid use case development through the BCERTS programmable token technology is what will drive the next level of adoption in the market of blockchain.

Credence Code Technologies is offering a private placement of 100 million future tokens prior to the release of the initial token use case delivered by BlockCerts International. Once the private placement is closed, no discounted token units will remain available at the pre-sale rate. The Initial Token Offering use case development is underway, with the fully functional release anticipated Q1 2018.

BlockCerts has already gained use cases and support across major industry Cloud Software companies like Microsoft and Oracle. BlockCerts has industry participants in real estate mortgage banking, SMB financial services, genetics and e-health underway as target communities with operators in each sector. As the rapid deployment smart contract backbone for all services BCERTS Tokens provide the blockchain ecosystem that will be in place prior to an Initial Token Offering.

More detailed information on this project can be found by registering at to receive the Executive Summary, Whitepaper and private placement memorandum.

Company contacts:
Jay Goth, Director of Business Development

Robert Gerrard, President