The Wall allows you to see your most recently updated activities and processes. When you click on below “The Wall” to open the “Activity Details” of the current task and update the activity and Save the changes. This will send an email notification to all the attendees that there is an update made to the activity. Refer to the screen below

Click if you want to refresh the wall with the latest updates. You can also use Refresh option from the drop down list available on the right hand corner of “The Wall”

Click on the title next to "Task" or "Process" to open the Activity or contact that had the update.  Also, you can click on the person's name to be taken to the contact or user information

The Wall will keep loading more and more events as you scroll down and click button. Whether you're catching up from yesterday or last week, the Wall has it all.

If you want to post some message to all the users you can also type in the message in “Comment here” text box and click as shown below