Subscription Editor

Subscription is a term which encapsulates investor units purchased in some product


Add New Subscription

To add the details of the new subscription select Add New from the left menu bar to display the Subscription Editor as shown below

The Editor allows you to add an Investor, a Company, Details of the subscription, any overrides(percentage paid to the sales agent) and a confirmation

You can either search for a new Investor or create a New Investor. Let us first look at how to Search for an Investor. Type in the name of an investor in the text box provided below Investors as shown in the above screen shot. A drop down is displayed if there is a list of investors by that name as shown below

Select the required investor, to display the details below the text box as shown below

Click on the Investor name to display the contact information of the investor as shown below

Click “x” to return to the Subscription Editor


If a Project name is not displayed, you can select one from the drop down list. Once this is done select the next tab My Company to display the following

Now let us see how to create a new investor, by clicking on to display the following

Type in all the details as required and click  

The contact information for that Investor is created and displayed


My Company

Click on My Company once the investor is selected and the information is displayed

Type in Company in the text box provided below My Company to display a drop down as shown below

Select the required from the drop down list to display as shown below

Select a Project from the drop down list and an  Internal Sales Agent associated with that Project.


In the Details tab, add the subscription details


In the Overrides tab, add the commissions as needed