Calendar Activity

The Calendar activity gives a pictorial representation of the meetings and activities that are assigned to you or you need to be a part of. This is where the Calendar details for the day or week, are displayed depending on what the display option is. It gives a graphical view.  There are various display options available through which the graphical display can be changed. Refer to the screen shot below

When you click on the graphical representation, it will display the entire month’s calendar as shown below


These icons have an option “Minimize” which when selected will hide / unhide the contents below “Calendar Activity”

When you click on option, a drop down is displayed as shown


This will enable you to Print Chart in the following formats 

  1. Download chart in the form of PNG image 
  1. Download chart as JPEG image 
  1. Download chart of PDF document 
  1. Download chart as SVG Image