To Do

The To Do List gadget shows all incomplete activities of the type “To Do”


What is a To Do?

A “To Do” is a type of activity and has no start and end date. It has only a priority. Great for quick requests, daily lists, paperwork, etc. Try using the To Do list to organize your day’s tasks

To Add a To Do List

From the To Do list gadget:

  1. Click on button to display an input window as illustrated below

2. Enter the name of your task in “Type a new To Do: below Quick Add as shown above

3. Click button

4. This creates a new To Do List for you



From an Activity

  1. Open the Activity Details as shown below

2. Change “Type” to “To_Do” as shown below

3. Notice the Start and End date calendar icons have been removed

4. Click Save


To edit a To Do List

  1. Click on the item and select “Edit Task” from the drop down list
  2. This will bring you to “Activity Details”
  3. Edit the details of your task or add attendees
  4. To save your changes click “Save” button

Note: If you click on the Save button then an email notification is sent to all the attendees of the activity. This will occur every time you Edit or Comment in that Activity space. To avoid the email notification from being sent to all the attendees, choose Save (No Notification) button. This will only display only on The Wall that you have updated the activity without sending any email notification to all the attendees


Setting a Date for your “To Do" List

If you want to set a date for this To Do List item, simply change the activity type from “To_Do” to any other type. This will tie your task to the Calendar where you can select a date range, and allow it to be viewed within the current version of 1to1Real IPhone and Android app