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Priced for Pre-Public Launch Ending June 2020

  • *Receive up to 50% off Full Public Pricing
  • **Real Software Utility Value

Token Holders Receive Their Free BCERTin Digital Wallet


$ 500


$.80 - Limited Time

  • Save 20% (pre-retail pricing)
  • Includes 625 valuable regenerating tokens to transform your business.
  • Token ownership, no more renting. uture exchange for token rental, exchange or sales.

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$ 1000


$.75 – Most Popular for Limited Time!

  • Save 25% (pre-retail pricing)
  • Includes 1,350 valuable regenerating tokens to transform your business.
  • Token ownership with future exchange for token rental, exchange or sales.

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$ 2,500


$.65 – Most Popular

  • Save 35% (pre-retail pricing)
  • Includes 5000 valuable regenerating tokens to transform your business.
  • Token ownership with future exchange for token rental,exchange or sales.

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The Next Generation Cloud Company
Will Be Token Holder Owned & Operated

Secure Virtual Space Technology Lets You Set-Up and Own Your Digital Company

BCERT Tokens are the next Generation of how software will be delivered.

The BCERTin Solution provides a full suite of digital business tools to BCERT Token holders

BCERTin removes the Ongoing costs of software.

BCERTin gives 100% control to BCERT Token members via private keys for software and data.

The next generation of technology growth

BCERT Tokens community drives transactions.As the community grows, the platform increases in value.

*Pre-Public Pricing – for a limited time only

Receive pre-public tokens now. You own your BCERT Tokens and Secure Virtual Space that contains your software with NO seat fees. Build new digital businesses, eliminate software costs, hold, build, sell your “digital business space” based with BCERT Tokens.

Intro-pricing available now until mid-June of 2020. Token Pricing will be set at $.99 per BCERT Token.



Basic Package

Your entry into the patented Secure Virtual Space blockchain platform starts with BCERT Token value.

  1. You’ll get a link to set up your Secure Virtual Space
  2. You’ll download your BCERTin wallet on your mobile and desktop.
  3. Create your private key. Protect your identity and all transactions
  4. Your BCERT tokens are an asset that you own, with instant utility value through software use and future value based on the BlockCerts network of transactions.
  5. Use BCERT tokens with the future WorkCERTin software (to be released from beta June 2020) to collaborate, hold video meetings, store files (and stop paying for Dropbox fees), create and eSign documents (and your $500 tokens has paid for itself in Docusign or other eSignature fees.

Most popular token download. A quick and easy way to enter the BlockCerts Blockchain Universe - and at a big discount to the pending public pricing coming - $.99.


Digital defines our home or our work today. The Plus level will enable enough power to build any digital business and saves over $2,300 a year. Money put to getting business back on track, instead of paying technology license fees.


BCERT Tokens turn technology cost into a digital business asset.


Take advantage of the Pro program and receive 2x the tokens at a rate of $.50 a token to the future public offering price. You’ll also save thousands annually vs paying for all of those SaaS seat fees for each employee.


Now you’re growth isn’t limited to constrained costs from every new employee added. Expand your collaboration and contracts to your customers and vendors and strengthen your relationships (and propel your revenues!).

About BCERT Tokens

A BCERT Token is an asset that allow you to work digitally, on your terms. It is your digital business model. All of the software you need, a digital utility token with built-in value that has built a $220 billion dollar software industry.


 BCERT Tokens are the transformation of software – where new digital business work and transactions create the network, instead of a giant technology company. As a user, you are part of the network.


 As BCERT Tokens move new work and digital business transactions by the millions over 400 proprietary software smart functions today, supports changes in industries from health care to cannabis, finance to mortgage banking and real estate.


 Identification, tracking of our health and location, large digital data transactions will drive our lives in the future. New business models will be defined. BCERT Tokens are the software that make the new normal of transactions possible.


 A BCERTin Token Wallet for every token holder, defines the future. BCERT Token software is part of the delivery today. Major new digital business models are scheduled out of beta in the summer of 2020.

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