Collaborative Smart Office Platform

All critical business tools with one-click

WorkCERTin is a secure virtual command center, accessed via private keys, revolutionizing business.

One-Click Business - One place to accelerate productivity. Activity workspaces to collaborate. A full solution suite to slash software costs by 50% or more - guaranteed!

Imagine Having Every Critical Business Tool in One Place…

…working in harmony, without the need for an email inbox and eliminating monthly software fees.

  • One login accesses your secure virtual space
  • A suite of solutions eliminates Zoom, Slack, Dropbox, DocuSign and others
  • Erase the clutter of ‘Outlook’ email forever?

Stop Imagining – start doing!

Step into your new virtual office

Run a Secure – Thriving Company from the Palm of Your Hand

See everything that’s happening in your business. Collaborate and see productivity skyrocket with Secure Virtual Space Technology

We invented the next generation of technology that rises above the Cloud – patented in 2018, ready for business today

Welcome to WorkCERTin

The unified global digital business where work rises above the Clouds and takes you to the next level of digital business…

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WorkCERTin Rooms makes it easier than ever to connect with your coworkers or even people outside your company.

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Share documents

Organize all your team’s content, tune out distractions, and get everyone coordinated.

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Talk to everyone

Instant Message that makes it easy to speak to everybody in your company, from head office to the shop floor.

  • Talk to the right people at the right time with Groups
  • Groups Capture their attention with Live video
  • Measure the impact with Insights

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Even people who you want to engage instantly are just an invite away…and they are in!

Browser, Mobile iPhone or Android

Collaborate instantly, with anyone, anywhere, with everything for anything ! 100% logged and secure

Stop Guessing – Activity Logs Inform Everyone

Logs show who’s on, shows everything, stop ‘guessing’ if someone knows … even if they don’t post a message – NEVER CC another email to anyone!

You Know They Know!!

Smart Contracts

Stop security flaws, errors, and inefficiencies that are costly by deploying blockchain smart contracts.

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One Place

No need for multiple software apps or paying for SaaS Seat Fees any longer.

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Secure Everything

No more shared links and risky business. Run the new business of the future today.

Your New Virtual Workspace

With WorkCERTin, you’ve secured your business while creating a new virtual workspace to accelerate your company. Securely collaborate in one place from anywhere in the world, 24x7 and see what’s happening to make quick adjustments or collaborate with your team.

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Digital ID's Authentication

Authenticating employees for on-boarding, vendors and clients provides bank-grade security through digital ID’s to minimize risks and do business in a new way never before available.

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Eliminate Seat Fees – Save 50% or More Guaranteed!

Changing the paradigm from renting to owning will save your business thousands every year, while building an asset for your future. Getting rid of seat fees is like getting rid of a high-interest rate credit cards that you can never get rid of.

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We guarantee you’ll save at least 50% over what you’re paying now
(most businesses will see a 5x savings)

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Get started for free, cancel costly seat fees, become a BCERTin token holder and join the co-op of BCERTin members adding future value to every token for token holders - not for Silicon Valley.

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