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The Emerging Markets Outlook

By Dan Gay, Chief Marketing Officer, BlockCerts Blockchain
The Emerging Markets Outlook

Every two weeks we provide a new webinar on the global outlook of blockchain, the macro view of what is happening around the globe. We’ve reserved this as a private webinar for our investors and our global partners. The webinars started to gain a following and others ask to be invited because it is quite fascinating. It’s like looking into a crystal ball on the future of business.

It’s no secret that Tim Vasko is a professor, lecturer and a great story teller. People listen because he has the view to see what is transpiring globally and relate that to how this will impact businesses and our lives. Tim started the Entrepreneur program at the University of Victoria. One can tell that his presentations are a natural place where he performs.

Today I’m sharing last week’s webinar on the Emerging Markets on Blockchain and the Global impact on Blockchain. Sure, it also includes how BlockCerts is playing in this marketplace and where we’re placing our bets on the market. As I have said in the last two webinars, “the ground is shifting under our feet and we might not even realize it. The landscape is changing and we need to take notice because monumental changes are taking place right now that will change the business landscape forever.”

I’ll begin to publish these webinars a week or so after they happen, so that you too can be a part of the view into Tim’s vision and what’s happening in the marketplace. Both Tim and I are passionate about helping businesses to compress costs, helping to level the playing field for all businesses, cut-out waste and in the end create “Trust, Truth and Transparency” in business and in our lives.

We keep our webinars to an hour, but I think you’ll see that it’s 50 minutes well spent. Shoot me a message if you’d like to hear about specific technologies or blockchain specific questions. Just click on our Contact Us and in the Subject put “Dan, Question for You”. 



By Dan Gay, Chief Marketing Officer, BlockCerts Blockchain

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