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Securely Simplify Your Business and Save Money.

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$ 500


Everything needed to start accelerating your business

  • Save 20% (pre-retail pricing)
  • Includes 625 valuable regenerating tokens to transform your business.
  • Token ownership, no more renting. uture exchange for token rental, exchange or sales.

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$ 899

1,350 TOKENS

Bonus – 450 Free Tokens! for Limited Time!

  • Save 33% (pre-retail pricing)
  • Includes 1,350 valuable regenerating tokens to transform your business.
  • Token ownership with future exchange for token rental, exchange or sales.

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$ 2,999


Bonus 2X Tokens for Limited Time!

  • Save 50% (pre-retail pricing)
  • Includes 6000 valuable regenerating tokens to transform your business.
  • Token ownership with future exchange for token rental,exchange or sales.

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  • Become one of the world’s first to use business blockchain to transform your business!
  • Secure your collaboration, shared files, instant messages
  • Access the first Smart Contract streaming service
  • Save thousands over the multiple siloed software you have to use now (and secure it).
Basic Package

Basic and Beyond can be used for personal and business applications. If you have your own small business, the $500 basic program is a great option for you and those you work with. You can also provide tokens for employees to use. It only costs one token to download the entire application suite. A dollar is a way more cost effective solution than paying an average of $780 per employee to rent all of the popular unsecured software applications like Dropbox, Docusign and others. Share a download with your professional service support like your attorney, tax, and financial supporters. If you have more than a couple of employees, we recommend the Plus package. If you find that you can use all of your tokens, don’t sweat it, tokens are an asset that you own, which can be exchanged or sold once a public exchange is established.


If you have more than 2 to 3 employees, and customers/vendors then chose the Plus program. And remember, BCERT tokens are an asset that can also be rented or sold in the future! You’ll receive Pre-discounted tokens at $.66 vs the future retail rate of $.99 with the Plus package.


Streamline your business, stop the follow-up merry-go-round and automate what you want to happen to trigger events as conditions are met, automatically, like providing content when a step is met, or authorizing a payment instantly once parameters have been achieved.


Take advantage of the Pro program and receive 2x the tokens at a rate of $.50 a token to the future public offering price. You’ll also save thousands annually vs paying for all of those SaaS seat fees for each employee.


Now you’re growth isn’t limited to constrained costs from every new employee added. Expand your collaboration and contracts to your customers and vendors and strengthen your relationships (and propel your revenues!).

About BCERT Tokens

A BCERT Token is an asset to run your business. No longer do you have to rent SaaS software and pay employee seat fees in order to run your business. Each token has 100 nodes to preform numerous activities. Each Token has a regenerative life, so you’ll be able to use your tokens over and over again. For more complex computing power needs, “ink” is charged if more than 100 nodes are used. “Ink” is just pennies for transactions, so you pay as you go and pay a huge fraction of what you’re used to paying for seat fees. Now that’s smart!


Your BCERT token has value to your business and in the marketplace. BCERT tokens are held in your Token Wallet and can be purchased, rented or sold. BCERT Tokens can be traded in the BCERT future marketplace expected before the end of 2019

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Pricing FAQ’s

How many tokens do I need?

The Token Calculator is coming soon.

For a one-person business, we recommend the “Basic” program, which has 500 tokens (you’ll save a few hundred dollars over what your paying now in your first year and $500 a year thereafter).

If you have a business with more employees, customers and contracts, you’ll want a higher plan. Remember, every token is an asset, one that you will be able rent or sell in the future. To protect yourself from token inflation, we recommend purchasing a higher level of tokens.

How do I get more tokens?

Tokens are an asset that can be used in place of a myriad of current siloed services you’re paying for annually, year after year.

To order more tokens you can click on the shopping cart or within your app and add to your token wallet from your smart phone.

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